Covid-19 has put extra pressure on the Auckland City Mission during winter with a staggering increase in demand for food parcels.

From March to June this year the demand for food parcels increased by 175 per cent.

City Missioner Chris Farrelly said "food insecurity has been a major concern for the Mission for a number of years, with inadequate income levels being one of the main contributing factors".

Covid-19 has increased the demand for food.


"Many people had lost their jobs or had their hours significantly reduced as a result of Covid-19. The school programmes, which families relied on, were no longer available during lockdown. All of a sudden they find themselves not being able to make ends meet and they are turning to the Mission for assistance."

Auckland City Mission distributed 450 food parcels a week before Covid-19.

At the height of lockdown 1,246 food parcels were distributed a week and has now fallen to 1,000 food parcels a week.

Each parcel has enough food to provide four days of meals for a family of four.

Today the Mission has launched its Winter Campaign to raise funds which would allow the Mission to support families needing to put food on the table.

Farrelly said it's a scenario the Mission sees every day. "Families having to decide between the doctor's visit, bus fare, power bill or food for the kids. More than often, food becomes the discretionary item."

Farrelly expects the Mission will need to continue providing this increased demand of food parcels for many months.