Clarke Gayford sparked a roar from the crowd with his heartwarming tribute to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at her party's re-election campaign launch today.

Ardern's "plus one" shared some unique insights into living with a person recently voted the "world's most eloquent leader" in front of a packed house of party faithful at the Auckland Town Hall.

"I know it might sound a bit strange but not even once have I seen even privately her celebrate the role."

Gayford spoke of the Cabinet papers being read in bed at midnight - "worse than toast crumbs" - and the alarm clock tune that will "forever haunt my dreams".


"Jacinda does not appear to have a ceiling ... for her there is so much more to do."

The TV personality also poked fun at the National Party, comparing the strength of his arguments to some of their recent policy announcements.

"I don't know if you know what it is like to have a disagreement with someone voted the world's most eloquent leader - it is no easy task.

"Last time at home we had a test of wills, and as usual I soon found myself well and truly out of depth ... floundering around. It was pathetic.

"In desperate bid to end it, I announced three new roads and a tunnel."

On a more serious note, Gayford referenced the moment Ardern was made Prime Minister.

"From that moment I witnessed profound change in my partner, she moved into a higher gear, and has never for a second stepped back. It is exhilarating, frightening, if I am honest."

After Gayford's speech, the Labour Party pledged a $300 million package to protect struggling workers and businesses from the worst impacts of Covid-19.


In a speech that covered everything from her rapid rise to power three years ago, to the tragedies of the Christchurch mosque attacks and Whakaari/White Island, Ardern said now dealing with the impacts of Covid-19 was "very hard to fathom".

"If you had told me then that our launch in 2020 would be in the midst of a global pandemic with our borders closed – I would have found that very hard to fathom," Ardern said.

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"If you'd told me that Clarke and I would have a toddler, I wouldn't have believed we would have been so lucky.

"And if you'd told me that we would have just completed a term in Government with both New Zealand First and the Greens, I'd assume you'd been watching excessive amounts of Stranger Things on Netflix.

"And yet here we are."