With a post-Covid recession looming, Napier's candidates have different views on why we should choose their parties to lead us.

In this Local Focus video Labour MP and Cabinet minister Stuart Nash points to Jacinda Ardern's leadership in managing the health crisis.

"We went hard. We went early and as a consequence of that, we've got one of the most open economies in the world," he said.

National candidate Katie Nimon advocates for her party's financial management, suggesting that perhaps nine years isn't long enough to solve problems like infrastructure.


"You look at Judith Collins' latest announcement, 10 years is her vision for the Auckland infrastructure package, and 10 years is a vision. Sometimes nine years, you just can't get it all done."

Meanwhile James Crow for the Greens and Deborah Burnside with the New Conservatives stressed their team player credentials.

And Judy Kendall of ACT laid out her party's plans to cut taxes significantly, hoping to stimulate the economy.

At the time of filming, NZ First had not appointed a candidate for Napier electorate.

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