Press gallery reporters covering the dramatic leadership changes inside the National Party received an unexpected show of kindness by a random member of the public last night.

As reporters waited with bated breath for any word of the new National leader, stomachs were clearly beginning to rumble.

Prolific Twitter user and Herald political reporter Jason Walls tweeted: "Send pizza and beers to the press gallery please, Twitter".

It is understood this was a joke.

The tweet received a number of replies from many of Twitter's "usual suspects".


"Give the beers to the national party instead, can't wait to see Simon Bridges walk out drunk and call a snap election," one user said, in a reference to Robert Muldoon's surprise 1984 decision.

Just under an hour after Walls' tweet – a stack of three wood-fired pizzas from Pizza Pomodoro in Wellington had been delivered to the press gallery.

"Amazing," he said in a follow-up tweet.

"Thanks to the amazing person who ACTUALLY sent us pizza."

In the comments, Twitter user Kiwi Kali claimed responsibility for the random act of kindness.

"Oh yay, you got them! (Seriously, it was me). Sorry, ordering booze was just too hard.
FWIW [for what it's worth], I think you guys have done amazing work over the past few months."

Other press gallery members thanked the user for the gesture.

Businessdesk editor Pattrick Smellie, however, had a slightly different approach.

"Where is the beer?" he asked Kiwi Kali, presumably as a joke.


"That was a bridge too far," Kali replied.

"You could always raid the Leader of the Opposition's office - I hear it's empty."