Based right in the heart of the North Island, Taupō has a population of almost 75,000 and prides itself on a metropolitan lifestyle, with a small-town feel.

The electorate reaches as far north as Cambridge, encompassing the main town of Taupō and stretching as far south as Tūrangi and parts of Desert Rd.

Primarily a tourist town, Taupō is a growing district with a desire to have a voice in the halls of Parliament.

"The environment is a hugely big factor to us," mayor David Trewavas said.

"But also business - startup business whether existing [or new], manufacturing businesses are important and of course you've got agriculture and geothermal, which are major contributors to the economy.


"It's not only tourism which is a huge input in the economy but it's the four income streams we do have, so it's a bit of everything really."

The district's current MP is National's Louise Upston, who claimed more than 60 per cent of votes at the 2017 election.

Upston has held the seat since 2008. Her predecessor was Labour's Mark Burton.

"[The candidate must be] up-and-at-them all the time," Trewavas said. "Being seen, being visible and a part of the community.

"I think the common touch has a major influence on people being comfortable, feeling safe with their MP - approachable, ringable, all that sort of thing is so important to being a Member of Parliament - or indeed any person that represents local or central government."

Taupō has four main sources of income - tourism, forestry, geothermal power and agriculture. Trewevas believes these must be cultivated and protected by whoever is elected.

"Certainly our number one is environment - the pristine environment we live in, we want to maintain that.

"Second is business, we've got to be a vibrant community - people have got to be employed, people have to be happy in business and making money and sustain a nice, decent lifestyle.


"And of course our people, looking after our people is so important, in fact they should really be number one.

"There's people that are not so well off in the community. How we look after them is always a reflection on the people at the top. We're very focused on the low deprivation areas, which we do have."

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