New Zealand's first Playboy-style mansion is about to be unveiled.

Voting has begun to select 10 strippers to live in a sprawling, multi-million dollar Christchurch gated mansion for 12 weeks and have their every move recorded by 18 high-tech cameras and streamed live online.

Cameras will be placed inside bedrooms, changing areas, lounges, movie room and bar, as well as around a heated swimming pool and spa.

CG's Mansion has been launched by Calendar Girls, which has R18 strip joints in Christchurch, Wellington and in Auckland's Karangahape Rd.


It's understood that if the mansion is successful, they will look to replicate the idea in Wellington and Auckland.

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The Herald was given a sneak peek behind closed doors this week for what's been described as a scantily-clad, adults-only Big Brother house.

"Nobody else has ever tried doing anything like this before in New Zealand," says Calendar Girls' "house mum" Courtney.

"You can get sick of Netflix pretty quick - this will be something completely different."

The 10 strippers will live inside the luxury two-storey property for free and be waited on by a chef, bartender, and house cleaner.

They will also host Sunday pool parties with live DJs where punters can bid at online auctions to attend. They'll also have cocktail nights and formal dining.

The house will be livestreaming 24/7 but Courtney thinks they'll be taking Mondays off.


After 12 weeks, the highest earner will take home a MG3 car.

"From pool parties to pillow fights… what could possibly go wrong?" CGs says online, saying it will give "10 gorgeous girls the chance to live their best life in an actual mansion".

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Courtney says, "Lingerie is the maximum amount of clothing. It's like the Big Brother house but we've been joking we should call it Little Sister."

Calendar Girls launched CGs Live during the lockdown after their clubs were forced to close with dancers giving online shows from home.

But CGs bosses found that many customers wanted to be more than pure voyeurs and sought interaction with the dancers to "find out more about them".

The online move proved so successful, the adult entertainment company began redesigning its site.


"We apologise to everyone we annoyed with the disruption while we were redesigning the site and that's why we're giving a $100 voucher to every current subscriber," Courtney says.

Subscriptions to watch inside CG's Mansion will cost US$9 ($13) a month – with an annual subscription costing .55c a week.

Nine of its cameras will be free 24/7 while the other nine will be free for the first minute before going behind a paywall costing one CGs token (US$1) a minute. There will be an option for viewers to pay for one-on-one video chats with the dancers.

Online voting is ongoing to the end of the month to decide who gets to live inside the house for free and perform, with dozens of applicants having been whittled down to 25 candidates.

The site will go live on September 1.