A man enlisted as "muscle" to accompany two women collecting a drugs debt in Napier took advantage of the situation and sexually violated their kidnapped victim.

The details were revealed in Napier District Court on Friday as John Richard Kaka was sentenced to six years' jail for the offence, which happened December 2018.

He had pleaded guilty to one charge of kidnapping and one of sexual violation by digital penetration.

Judge Geoff Rea said the woman was unknown to Kaka, but he agreed to go with the women to her home to "enforce" the collection.


"You were recruited as muscle to assist in putting pressure on the complainant so the drug debt would be paid," Judge Rea told Kaka.

The complainant had a blanket placed over her head as the women took her from her home to another address where they assaulted her as they tried to get the money, but Kaka did not take part in that assault, the judge said.

Despite being terrified and fearing for her safety, the victim fell asleep on a couch and awoke to find Kaka violating her, and threatening to punch her if she did not let him continue.

Judge Rea said she suffered severe "victimisation and trauma", and he told Kaka: "You were the cause of that."

He said Kaka had previous convictions including one for sexual offending, but added: "This moves to a new level."