A teacher who wore a Make America Great Again hat to Auckland's Black Lives Matter protest on Monday - sparking widespread anger - has apologised for hurting people by his actions.

The male teacher was among thousands of people to line central Auckland streets during Monday's protest, organised in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis, US.

His decision to wear the pro-Trump hat sparked angry scenes among the protesters, who accused the teacher of being a "racist" and of antagonising the crowd.

The Herald understands the man's school, Manukau Christian School in Manurewa, has received threats following the incident. Police have not confirmed to the Herald whether threats were received.


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The teacher's Facebook profile has been bombarded with angry comments and members of the public have written letters to the school demanding the teacher be disciplined or fired.

The Herald has attempted to contact the school and the teacher for comment. Principal Pete Slaney has reportedly said the incident is being handled internally and that the school does not condone racism.

The man wrote on Facebook today that he sincerely apologised for the message his actions had communicated - which he said was unintended.

He said he understood that to "some people" the hat was a symbol of white supremacy but said that was not what it meant to him.

"I understand that to some people the hat represented a symbol of white supremacy and my wearing of it provoked them in unhelpful ways," he wrote.

"I am sorry that this is the communication that was received by many, and I am sorry for the hurt it caused. I would reiterate strongly that this is not the message I was trying to communicate."

He pointed to prominent celebrities including Kanye West and Candace Owens who also wear MAGA hats. He said he rejected "every form of racism and ethnic superiority".


"Be that as it may, I understand that the intended communication and the actual communication were two different things. As a result significant hurt was caused. For this I am deeply sorry. I would humbly ask that you find it in your hearts to forgive me."