New Zealand has had its 10th straight day of single-digit coronavirus cases, with just three new cases reported on Tuesday afternoon - and just 239 active cases in total.

But that good news (along with the overnight lifting of the level-4 lockdown restrictions) also came with a warning from Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield for people to keep their distance as they rush to buy takeaway coffees and hamburgers.

Bloomfield also sought to clarify comments he made yesterday about achieving elimination, saying that he meant it in the context of alert level 4 and the pursuit of elimination was ongoing.

He said he had enjoyed a takeaway coffee today, but it was important not to congregate outside cafes or in carparks of takeaway places.


"We do not want to see the sorts of rebounds we have seen in other countries."

He said his observations on alert level 3 so far prompted him to repeat advice publicly: "There will be a temptation to see your friends ... whether you're congregating for a coffee or takeaways. Physical distancing remains very important. I just want to reiterate that."

There were a lot of people walking and cycling at level 4, and he said people should maintain regular physical activity as we dropped through alert levels.

He clarified that people can hug people in their own bubble, and that may be a good reason to extend a bubble to include one more bubble. Those bubbles are meant to be exclusive and faithful to each other.

Asked about contact-tracing, Bloomfield said the capacity was still being built up to from about 185 cases today to 300 cases.

There are two new cases of Covid-19 today, made up of one confirmed case and one probable case. It is the eleventh day in a row where case numbers have been in single digits.
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