Anglers in lockdown are no doubt itching to get back out on the water; but at least one is still catching fish from the back porch - using a drone.

An Auckland fishing company shared a photo of a decent-sized snapper caught by one of their customers who had recently bought a fishing drone from them.

"Benefits of living at the beach during lockdown," the Facebook post read.

"This snapper thought he was safe for the next month - thought wrong.


"Caught on the AEE Condor Fishing Drone."

Morgan Barnes, of Paul Fishing Systems, told the Herald the photo was sent in by one of their customers.

He did not want to reveal too much about him or the exact location the fish was caught - only that the customer lives near a beach in Auckland.

"He basically steps off the porch and he's fishing. He's still keeping safe and he's being safe.

Benefits of living at the beach during lockdown. This snapper thought he was safe for the next month, thought wrong....

Posted by Paul's Fishing Systems on Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Fishing drones can place a baited long-line and sinker up to 500m offshore.

"You can feel the bite - then you just reel it in."

Barnes said other customers had also been in touch to say they were using their fishing drone during lockdown, as they live on the beach.


An Auckland man caught this fish using a drone. Photo / Paul's Fishing Systems
An Auckland man caught this fish using a drone. Photo / Paul's Fishing Systems

He acknowledged that a number of those people were older folk who are being urged, under the lockdown rules, to stay home at all costs especially.


"They don't need to go to the supermarket.

"They just go out the back and have a fish for breakfast on the table in half an hour."

The Covid-19 lockdown rules mean no one is allowed to go out on the water for fishing or any other water-related activity.

The fear is that if there was an emergency situation, Coastguard, police and other authorities would have to come out of lockdown to help.

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The rules also apply to fishing from the rocks. But there has been no mention of drone fishing from a person's own backyard or property.

Fishing drones have become increasingly popular over the years and can cost $2500.

The one the Auckland man used to snag his meal is the cheapest machine at $1200 and is so popular that the store has had to order more in.

Barnes said they could not cater to any of the "panic buyers" who came in looking for one as they had run out of stock by then.