Two workers with a charitable care provider for people with disabilities have tested positive for Covid-19.

But Spectrum Care says all those people who came into contact with the two employees – who work in the Wellington and Auckland regions – have been identified by public health officials.

The independent charitable trust's chief executive, Sean Stowers, said regional public health services had worked with Spectrum Care to identify all people who had been supported by the two staff members, along with colleagues who had also been in close contact.

"Spectrum Care has provided [the health services] with the contact details of all those we believe may have been in contact with the individuals," Stowers said.


Those people had now been tracked and identified as close contacts.

"As the… processes are concluded, we're contacting all other staff and people we support to advise that they have not been in close contact," he said.

"I understand these are worrying times and we're working hard to ensure the ongoing support and safety of the people we support, their whānau and our staff."

The organisation's response to Covid-19 was being guided by a special steering committee and crisis management team.

It has also a released a series of protocols to assist in infection prevention and control, such as guidelines for hygiene and personal protection equipment.

New Zealand has now reported 589 confirmed or probable cases of Covid-19, one of which – West Coast grandmother Anne Guenole – has been fatal. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website