Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she will not rescind Covid-19 subsidy support for Australians here, despite Kiwis not getting the same deal across the ditch.

Ardern has previous spoken to her Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, about the 200,000 Kiwis living in Australia but who are ineligible for welfare there.

Today she said Kiwis in Australia continued to be excluded from Covid-19 subsidies, unless they were an employee of a business that had received support which was then being passed on to workers.

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Ardern said the issue has been raised by multiple ministers and would continue to be raised, given Australians here were getting New Zealand Government subsidies.

"In our minds, we are providing support for Australians who are here and we would hope under these extraordinary circumstances that could be and should be provided to New Zealanders in Australia."

Ardern said she would not retaliate and rescind Government help to Australians here because it was not the right thing to do.

"During a pandemic like this we need to encourage everyone to stay home and we need to support them to do so.

"So it's actually a public health issue as much as a fairness issue", she said. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website

Ardern said New Zealanders in Australia were on average more likely to be employed and earned more.

"They are Australia's best migrant work force and I'd like to think that they could be supported during this horrific time for everyone, alongside their fellow Australian workers."


"Look after your employees," was Ardern's message to bosses and employers across the country.