Fewer international tourists travelling into New Zealand due to the Covid-19 pandemic will mean possible bargains for Kiwis when booking baches.

International border closures and spooked tourists have resulted in a declining number of international travellers using booking sites, a Bachcare statement to owners said.

"Given the border closure to Mainland China, and its importance to NZ tourism, this has not been surprising.

"Overall, our assessment of the impact to demand is that while we have seen a softening in domestic demand it is less than in other countries.


"International demand has seen a greater impact and this has been consistent with feedback from our similar tourist industries such as hotels and airlines."

A recent Bachcare survey showed that while 54 per cent of those surveyed still felt confident in booking a bach in New Zealand, Covid-19 fears were on the minds of many of those who said they were nervous.

"Coronavirus did, however, appear as the highest reason for nervousness with just over 24 per cent stating this, suggesting there will be some impact to demand."

Booking costs have dipped as companies strive to remain competitive and demand waivers.

"For those of you who have given Bachcare permission to decrease rates in line with the market, we have been able to react quickly to remain competitive," the statement said.

Bach owners using Bachcare services have been encouraged to allow the company to monitor the cost of the booking.

"The rate of your property will become increasingly important to guests as options increase. As such, remaining competitive is important.

"Our revenue team is constantly monitoring the rates and making changes to gain bookings within the parameters you set for us. The majority of you have given us permission to manage your rates upwards by an unlimited amount and down by 20 per cent from its starting rate."


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Marketing has also been ramped up in an effort to stimulate demand, with safety measures increased as the situation declines.

"We are in the process of issuing protective equipment to our team and providing them with the support they need to manage risk."

Cleaning standards are kept in check, with a close eye on advice from Tourism New Zealand and the hotel market

"In extreme situations, a deep clean may be required. In this instance, we would follow the Ministry of Health deep clean guidelines.

"We take the safety of our team very seriously and should we consider at any point that their safety is compromised we will err on the side of caution."

Bach owners were also encouraged to become pet-friendly, add WiFi to baches and increase the dates the bach is available.

They were also urged to provide sufficient cleaning equipment to those that manage the property, to further "mitigate the risk of further spreading coronavirus".