A fluffy offender has caused a community caterwaul over his night-time antics.

A Beach Haven resident raised the alarm on the neighbourhood Facebook page, when he thought a person was stealing items from his washing line.

The perpetrator was already known to several members of the community who'd also fallen prey to his nocturnal activities.

"It's the cat at number 61" said one victim, "it often takes ours. He's a lovely cat but he'll steal anything. I think he can even get pegs off".


Amidst wild speculation and comparisons to Lynley Dodd's Slinky Malinki, the culprit was revealed.

A tabby tomcat named Bo.

Bo the cat-burglar. Photo / Supplied
Bo the cat-burglar. Photo / Supplied

Bo lives 100 metres down the road from the crime scene and has reportedly been exhibiting this kleptomaniac behaviour for at least 10 years.

Two full bags of clothing, which had been accumulated over several night raids over the past few weeks, were returned to the bemused resident.

"He has an out-of-control addiction which started as a kitten," said owner Alisha Wiseman.

"No matter how dirty, far away or large in size it is, if it's in reach he'll get it and bring it back into the cat flap of our house in the early parts of the morning . We've woken up - and this has included many houses we've lived in over the years - with clothes all over our house with a proud cat showing off."

Wiseman said their family feline can pilfer up to eight items in one night, ranging from lacy underwear to bigger items such as jeans and jackets.

She said they are constantly surprised by what the cat has dragged in, and the extent of his roaming turf.


"The last person to contact us lives ages away and it's quite a steep hill so that must have been a busy night.

"He comes in and does this really loud 'meow' so we know he's done it again."

Wiseman says her family often has the uncomfortable task of trying to locate the original owners.

Surrounded by his spoils, Bo has a repeat history of stealing clothing from local homes. Photo / Supplied
Surrounded by his spoils, Bo has a repeat history of stealing clothing from local homes. Photo / Supplied

"We go up and down the street saying 'are these your undies?' Some people don't believe us at first, but they are usually happy to know it's not anything more sinister.

"Most people are glad to know that there's not a weirdo with a fetish for their clothes."

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