While those at Hawke's Bay Airport watching the vintage planes coming in from Art Deco Festival celebrations on Sunday were in shock watching a small aircraft flip on the runway a young photographer in waiting caught all the action.

Chrissy Newall said that ever since her 10-year-old son, Oliver Newall, got his camera during New Year's sales he has hardly put it down.

"He just snaps away with it because we tell him that these things happen when you least expect them."

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Two people walked away almost uninjured when the light plane upended and flipped on its back on one of the airport's grass runways.

Police, fire and ambulance services were called to the airport at midday, with the airport's own rescue services already alongside the aircraft, one of two World War II Boeing Stearman trainer aircraft.

Newall said her son originally wasn't going to take his camera to the airport, as he was cycling there. But due to the windy conditions, the family drove.

"After it happened everyone was quite shocked by what happened, even Oliver, but after he saw that everyone was safe you could tell he was quite pleased with his shots."