A false report of a shooting prompted schools in Taupō to go into lockdown this afternoon.

Around 12:50pm police and ambulance received a report that a person had been shot and was badly injured.

Armed police attended the area, and upon arrival and after speaking with the caller, determined the information was not true.

Schools in the Kiddle Dr area, including Tauhara College and Tauhara Primary, went into lockdown for a time, and police have since lifted the lockdowns and made reassurance visits to the schools.


Police said they were speaking with the person who made the initial call.

Police said they took reports of this nature extremely seriously, and reminded people that this sort of behaviour caused significant public alarm.

Earlier a student texted to say students were sheltering under their desks.

Six police cars were at the school

A staff member at Taupo Educational Pre-School Trust on Kiddle Dr said they were not in lockdown but five police cars sped past the about 20 minutes ago.

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