A car was filmed reversing on a motorway on-ramp in West Auckland, reportedly to try to avoid the traffic from a crash on the motorway.

The incident was filmed by Alisha Henry around 8.15pm on Saturday evening, on the Te Atatu on-ramp, heading west towards Lincoln Rd.

"I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. We couldn't actually believe what we were seeing, and were questioning what he'd do once he got back up there," she said.

"I don't really think the risk of causing another crash is worth a stunt like that."


"Whoever you are you're an absolute plonker. Can't believe what I just witnessed. Drivers in this city are something else," she wrote on Facebook, as caption for the footage.

Locals were outraged with what they saw in the video.

"This is crazy," one person commented.

"Wow that's a special kind of stupid," another person said.

"Hope they get done for dangerous driving f*cking idiots! Next off-ramp is literally so close," another commenter added.

The timing of the footage coincides with the time the motorway was closed after a serious crash.

The crash took place on the motorway's northbound lanes, north of Lincoln Rd.

The motorway was closed for three hours, after Lincoln Rd. Motorists were advised to exit the motorway on Lincoln Rd and follow a detour.


The person in the video appeared to have a different idea, after seeing traffic backed up on the motorway.

Police received no reports regarding this particular incident but advised anyone who witnessed such a manouver to contact *555.

"Your safety and that of other road users is more important than arriving a few minutes later to your destination," a spokesperson said.

"Police would urge, whenever it is possible and safe to do so, for people to call *555 at the time they witness poor driving behaviour, and to call 111 if there is a risk to public safety."