A hang glider pilot has been flown to Auckland Hospital after crashing into a cliff at Kariotahi Beach this evening.

Emergency services were contacted about the incident in Lake Puketi at 6.05pm and it was believed the patient had suffered a broken hip, a police spokesman said.

St John also attended, with a rescue helicopter flying the patient in a moderate condition to Auckland Hospital.

MetService reported Kariotahi Beach had wind gusts of up to 14 knots (26km/h) in a southwesterly direction today.


Meanwhile, in 2018 a male hang glider pilot died after crashing into Kariotahi Beach.

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Male hang glider pilot dead after 'catastrophic failure' at Kariotahi Beach

It was reported the glider had suffered a "catastrophic failure" before falling to the ground.

"The hang glider hit the ground with a very big bang and then it was a case of running and calling the rescue services," an officer on the scene said.