An off-duty Coastguard on a jet ski has rescued a woman swept out to sea in the Hokianga.

Northland police serious crash investigator Senior Constable Jeff Cramp said the woman was out near the blow-hole at South Head near Omapere when she got into trouble on today.

She was pulled through the blow-hole and out to sea, and has managed to clamber up onto some rocks.

The woman was believed to have been walking on the rocks with her sister when she fell into the water and was sucked out through the blow-hole.


She was in an "isolated spot" for a short time before she was rescued, Cramp said.

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Cramp, who is also the Hokianga Coastguard skipper, said the woman's sister called police about the incident around 12.30pm.

The off-duty Coastguard - who was on holiday at Omapere - went out on a jet ski to rescue her.

Because he couldn't get right up to the rocks, he had to coax the woman back into the water before he could pick her up and bring her to shore.

"It sounds like she's hurt but we don't know how badly. She's probably been knocked around in the surf, but she's managed to clamber up the rocks and she's standing."

A St John spokeswoman said one ambulance crew attended the scene.

The patient is in a "moderate condition" and has been transported to Rawene Hospital, she said.


The NEST rescue helicopter was initially called out to winch the woman from the rocks if needed, but was later stood down.

Rawene senior constable Darron Goodwin said the woman, who is in her late 30s from Auckland, is recovering well.

She's a "little bit cold" but staff heated the hospital room as a precaution against hypothermia.

Cramp said it's dangerous to swim near the blow-hole, or sea cave, "if you don't know what you're doing."

"Unless you're appropriately equipped with wetsuits and it's completely calm don't swim out there at all. Only expert divers will go there when it's really calm to get shellfish."