National MP Nikki Kaye has been left horrified after her cat Charlie was involved in what is believed to be a building site accident after coming home covered in plaster.

Taking to social media today, Kaye revealed her "fur baby" has had a tough time following the incident - so much so the dark-haired cat had to have nearly its whole body shaved.

"Been a tough time as my beautiful fur baby Charlie came home literally covered in what we think is plaster from a building site," she said.

Kaye revealed Charlie had to have his body shaved due to the toxic nature of the plaster amid fears it would seep through into his body.


"I was not home but after several showers later mum took him to the vet who knocked him out and gave him a pretty full shave.

"Plaster ingested can obviously be very toxic. After Lily's accident [another cat she owns], I should have got pet insurance!! My little lion man is okay but it has been very scary."

Not only has the accident left Charlie out of sorts, but it has taken a toll on her other cat Lily - which no longer recognises Charlie after his close shave.

"He is not allowed to go outside at the moment and it is heartbreaking because Lily doesn't recognise him and is hissing at him.

"I am taking him to my electorate office tomorrow because I can't trust Lily to be home alone with him and he needs to be looked after."

Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye. Photo / Michael Craig
Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye. Photo / Michael Craig

Kiwis have sent in messages of support to Kaye and her fur baby Charlie wishing him well on his recovery.

"Oh my goodness! Poor Charlie. I hope his fur regrows super quickly and that Lilly wakes up to who he is pronto. What an unusual situation to have to deal with," one well-wisher said.

Another added: "Oh poor boy. I hope he wasn't the victim of some awful person being cruel with building materials."


A third said: "It's really common that cats don't recognise each other after going to the vet because they smell differently. It's so bizarre."

Kaye said she will take Charlie to work tomorrow and will continue to give him "lots of cuddles, good food and drink".