The water stream from the spout and taps at the council-owned changing rooms and toilets beside the Maraenui Rugby and Sports Association clubrooms at Maraenui Park was reported to the council on Saturday during a club working bee.

The stream, from the fountain which was installed only about six months ago and from two taps, resembled "flat Coca Cola", one club member said, and had still not cleared more than a quarter-hour after all three taps were left running.

Napier City Council communications staff said the council's water team had informed them there had been dirty water complaints in the area at the time, in Onekawa South.

"Nothing out of the ordinary had occurred in relation to this one and the pipe supplying the park was cleared that day," the Council says.


"If it occurs again council would appreciate being notified, as occurred in this case, so they can fix it as soon as possible."

Association president Vicky Julian said the fountain was installed because children were having to otherwise go into the toilet area to fill drinking bottles.

But now the concern is over who'll keep watch, and she said: "We shouldn't have to be checking it every day."

"We have no idea what is in that water, and we wouldn't want anyone drinking it without knowing where it has come from," she said.