A celebration of the life of an Adelaide lawyer who died in the Whakaari/White Island tragedy was held at the Adelaide Oval today.

Hundreds of mourners gathered for Gavin Dallow's funeral service, the Australian Associated Press reported.

The 53-year-old was visiting with his wife Lisa Dallow and step-daughter Zoe Hosking when the island erupted on December 9.

Only Lisa survived, and she was taken to Waikato Hospital before being transferred to The Alfred Hospital in Australia.


Australian media reported at the funeral service Dallow's cousin said: "Gavin, Lisa and Zoe - a loving and wonderful family - deserved to be together for 100 years."

Family friend Reverend Peter Fuller paid tribute to Dallow in a heartfelt speech, referencing the larger than life personality and the tragic events that would claim the life of his dear friend.

"Because Gavin was something of a force of nature himself, I never expected nature itself to conquer Gavin the way it did."

After Dallow's death his family released a statement outlining their grief.

"Gavin was a wonderful son and brother," the statement said.

"We'll miss him at the cricket and we'll miss him at the football.

"He was a generous man, always helping his family and his community."

It was fitting Dallow's life was remembered at the Adelaide Oval, a venue he visited with his father just days before his fatal trip to White Island.


His cousin Phil Tyler shared a lighter moment with friends and family, saying Dallow would be looking down on his big moment at the Adelaide Oval.

"He would have loved the picture of him up on the scoreboard. I'm sure he's telling everyone he has one up on all of his cousins," he cousin said in front of hundreds of families and friends.

Lisa's brother also paid his respects, saying "you played a massive role in Lisa and Zoe's life, and in our family. One that will never be replaced. You will be missed, mate."

Lisa remains in hospital in a critical but stable condition. She has yet to learn her husband and daughter's fate.

Zoe's funeral is being held off in the hope Lisa will come out of a coma and be able to say goodbye to her daughter one last time.