Video has emerged of a man carrying an e-scooter across a busy road in Wellington's CBD, before throwing on to a traffic island, claiming the capital's streets were "too windy" for the popular devices.

The video was shared on Twitter, where some users were quick to celebrate the man as a "good citizen" for his actions, saying that the scooters were a trip hazard.

Others slammed the man as a "mongrel" for the extreme act.

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The video shows the man lifting a Flamingo scooter from the road before dumping it on a strip between the lanes before he is challenged by the man filming.

"Oi bro, you wanna go get that scooter out," he says, before the man replies "It's safer there, it's too windy for them".

The man who posted the video claimed to have seen the man performing the same action with every scooter he saw and also throwing them at the nearby Briscoes building.

Debate raged online over whether the man's actions were justified, with some arguing that e-scooters were a "hazard" and should be corralled in designated spaces.

Wellington City Council responded to the video, saying that it would pass the matter to police.

The Herald has contacted the police for comment.