Another day and with it comes more deaths and a death toll that keeps climbing.

Two more children have died in the measles epidemic in Samoa in the last 24 hours - taking the death toll up to 55 deaths.

The latest deaths are two children aged between 1 and 4 years old.

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That age bracket has the most number of deaths, with a staggering 27 children lost to measles - the size of a classroom.

A total of 15 children aged between 6 to 11 months old have died in the epidemic, while the youngest victims are eight children aged five months or under.

All those who have died are children or teenagers, except for a victim in their 30s.

As of this afternoon, a total of 3881 measles cases have been reported to Samoa's Disease Surveillance Team, according to information released by the Samoan Government.

"There were 153 recorded in the last 24 hours," a statement said.

A total of 174 people with the disease remain in hospital or a medical facility still - a drop from yesterday's 183 figure.

Those admitted include 18 critically ill children in intensive care or high dependency units, two pregnant women and two women who have recently given birth.