A child has been taken to hospital in a critical condition after a scooter accident in West Auckland this morning.

A woman from a nearby business said a female driver apparently witnessed the accident and called emergency services.

"There was a woman who saw the child fall and called the ambulance immediately, which I hope was in the child's favour.

"It was straight across the driveway from our work, we saw the child lying on the ground with their school bag and scooter on the footpath."

She said police cordoned off the area and they saw the child taken away in an ambulance


A police spokesperson confirmed a person fell off their push scooter in Henderson around 8am this morning, and it was not clear at this stage whether it was a fall or a medical event.

The person was taken to Starship Children's Hospital by ambulance, a St John Ambulance spokeswoman said.

Police had cordoned off the area at the corner of Enterprise Drive and Corban Ave, but this has now been cleared.