I am going to come to the defence of baby boomers here.

Lately, baby boomers have been getting a hard time from millennials.

And you might've thought that so-called generational war had stopped.

But oh no, up pops Green MP Chloe Swarbrick.


Chloe has gone viral, she's all over the internet and CNN for being rude about baby boomers.

If you haven't seen the clip, basically someone in parliament tries to interject Chloe's very important climate thoughts, so Chloe sticks up her hand and says, OK boomer.

And just like that, in two words she sums up how millennials treat boomers, as if their views don't count because they're too old to understand.

Well, seeing as we're making generalisations, allow me.

If I could've been born a boomer or a millennial, I'd have been born a boomer.

Because at least boomers know what hard work is, unlike my soft-handed, entitled and whingeing fellow millennials.

You know why my generation hates on baby boomers?

They're jealous.


They're jealous that the boomers own the houses, and have the jobs and enjoy the economic power.

But boomers worked for this.

They had to endure a 26% mortgage.

They had to renovate their first house themselves and start their careers right at the bottom, that's how they got to the top.

They didn't turn with their Instagram accounts and plant-based diets and walk into the top job.

They worked for it.

Millennials don't get that.

They want to have the nice stuff right now without actually having to work for it.

Remember how they complained about Auckland's property market for years.

You know why?

Not because they cared that truly hard up people were forced to live in cars.

Oh no, they complained because it affected them and they couldn't afford to buy in Ponsonby but had to buy in Papakura and they didn't want that.

You know that story about smashed avocados that millennials hate so much?

They hate it because it's true.

Now of course we know that I didn't need to come to the defence of baby boomers today.

Because well, I don't think baby boomers actually care.

A millennial being rude?

Oh well.

Baby boomers will just go back to their nice houses and have a good weekend eating smashed avocado that they can actually afford

Enjoy your weekend, millennials.