Police are investigating after a man fatally fell through the window of a high-rise hotel in Wellington last month.

Inspector Wade Jennings confirmed a 32-year-old man died on October 26 after falling from the top storey of the James Cook Hotel.

The man fell about 12 storeys from the 26th floor, a distance of 69 metres, Jennings said.

Police are currently treating the incident as unexplained.


Jennings said the fall happened about 2.30am but the circumstances around it were still unclear.

Hotel general manager Steve Martin wouldn't comment on the case or in response to questions about the strength of the windows.

A Wellington City Council spokesman said the incident had not been reported to them at this stage.

A Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment spokeswoman said clauses in the Building Code provided acceptable solutions for windows in buildings, including the loadings the windows should be able to withstand and requirements to ensure the glass is safe.

"The council is responsible for approving proposed window design prior to the building being built, and ensuring plans meet the Building Code. They are also responsible for ensuring, at the end of construction, that the building has been built according to the building consent. If a building doesn't comply with the building consent the council will issue a notice to fix," she said.

"When an injury or death occurs, the police would decide whether an investigation is warranted and whether any actions need to be taken as a result."

WorkSafe has not been notified of the incident.