Adelino Santi Junior couldn't believe his luck when he realised Metallica had announced a gig in Auckland for the first weekend of his holiday in New Zealand.

From his home in Brazil, he got online to purchase tickets, only to be told that he'd need a residential address in New Zealand to send them to.

The Brazilian man took to Reddit to ask Kiwis whether anyone would mind if he used their postal address to send the gig tickets to.

It didn't take long for 56 people to offer to help.


"I couldn't believe it. Fifty-six people offering me their home address to send something to, that's being very trusting," he told the Herald.

That was to be the first display of Kiwi generosity of many more to come for the Brazilian traveller.

He chose one of the 56 offers, sort of at random, and arranged to meet up upon arrival in New Zealand to collect his tickets to the concert.

When the tickets arrived, Santi says the man even sent him a photo of the tickets and the drawer where he'd keep them for him.

Sadly for Santi and hundreds of other Metallica fans, the gig ended up being cancelled.

There was no need to collect any tickets anymore but Santi and the New Zealander who offered to help him insisted on meeting.

Santi had brought some cachaça and a pair of Havaianas from Brazil to give the man as a thank you. Instead of a Metallica gig, they ended up having a barbecue.

"I told him I'd like to at least buy him a beer after all that. This is not the kind of behaviour you get from people in Brazil or in other places I've visited. He was so helpful, without asking for anything in return," the Brazilian tourist said.


"And it wasn't just him. There were 55 other people who offered to do the same. We were amazed with how helpful and generous people are here."

Santi hosted the barbecue at the Airbnb house they hired in Auckland. Once they realised there was actually no barbecue there, their neighbour offered theirs and even threw in some extra tools. "Everywhere we go, everyone just goes the extra mile for us," he said.

"We're in love with the people of New Zealand. It surpassed our expectations. They are so kind and respectful, so much more than we ever expected. Especially in Auckland, being a big city ... you just don't see this kind of behaviour in many other big cities in the world."

Santi says, since arriving in New Zealand a week ago, he's had three people offering them a place to stay on their travels around the North Island.

The Brazilian man, who works as a biologist, says he plans to move to New Zealand with his wife in the future and the holiday was a way of getting to know the country.

It's safe to say they'll be coming back.