Point Chevalier locals were spooked this Halloween by climate change-themed decorations on Dignan St.

Extinction Rebellion was behind the installation, using humour to have a more serious conversation.

The gravestone read "Died: Climate change 2025", as Simon Oosterman, the group's New Zealand media liaison, lay underneath a heap of soil to scare unsuspecting trick or treaters.

Parents and children were excited by the Halloween effort, which sparked a lot of selfies and conversation. Oosterman was surprised to hear kids as young as 5 talking about climate change.


"I think we have underestimated the next generation; they totally know what's going on, and they want to talk about it."

It was not your typical Halloween trick or treat. Photo / Supplied
It was not your typical Halloween trick or treat. Photo / Supplied

One mother saw the Extinction Rebellion sign and joked about hiding her plastic bags.

Oosterman says the group is about fighting government and corporate inaction, not judging individuals.

Another parent passing by said to their child: "What's worse than the zombie apocalypse? The climate apocalypse."

The Extinction Rebellion is a global environmentalist movement making three demands to governments.

Activists want them to "tell the truth" by declaring a climate emergency, to act and halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to create and be led by decisions of a Citizens' Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

The interest shown by Point Chevalier locals this Halloween has inspired Oosterman to set up a community talk for those who want to get involved.