The future of the Chamberlain Park Golf Course redevelopment remains up in the air after newly-elected politicians failed to come to an agreement this evening.

The new members of the Albert-Eden Local Board held off on deciding a chair during their inaugural meeting at Raye Freedman Arts Centre.

All eight members voted to adjourn the meeting instead of voting in a new chair, citing ongoing political negotiations between the two parties.

The newly-elected Albert-Eden Local Board has resulted in a 4-4 stalemate between the City Vision and Communities and Residents (C&R) tickets who each have entrenched and opposing views on the future of the council-owned golf course.


The left-leaning City Vision ticket has previously had a majority on the Local Board, and drawn up a $30m plan to reduce the 18-hole golf course to nine holes and use the extra land as a park with walking, cycling and sporting facilities.

The right-leaning C&R ticket campaigned at the recent local body elections to keep Chamberlain Park as an 18-hole golf course but improve public access.

With the opposing sides locked 4-all, progress on Chamberlain Park will come down to which side holds the chair, and casting vote.

C&R has offered to support City Vision's Margi Watson as the board chair on the condition the board withdraws the Chamberlain Park master plan and rescinds resolutions for its development.

City Vision has rejected this, but offered up discussions as a full board and consider changes to come to a commonly agreed position.

The deadlock was not resolved before the meeting, which raised the prospect of the chair position being determined by the toss of a coin.

Instead, the board will meet again on Monday, November 25.