Labour MP Tamati Coffey has shown off his fathering skills, managing to keep his baby son asleep in his arms during a parliamentary debate.

Coffey cradled his four-month old, Tūtānekai Smith-Coffey, in one arm while asking a question in the House on Wednesday.

It's not the first time the infant has made an appearance in Parliament, with Trevor Mallard making global headlines after feeding him in the Speaker's chair in August.

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While Tūtānekai appeared to stay asleep throughout Coffey's line of questioning on Thursday, another baby could be heard crying from the public gallery a few minutes later – clearly less pleased with Question Time.

Coffee, the MP for Waiariki, and partner Tim Smith welcomed their newborn in July.

Since becoming Speaker, Mallard has made rule changes to make Parliament more baby-friendly and a new playground is currently being built on the Parliamentary lawn.

MPs with young children have been encouraged to bring them into the House. Mallard held Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime's baby Heeni when her mother was busy debating paid parental leave.