All Black great Keven Mealamu has a new job in local politics.

He's romped on to Auckland's Papakura Local Board, receiving 5388 of the votes, well ahead of second-place candidate Brent Catchpole on 4653 votes.

Mealamu says he's always wanted to represent the community.

"We live in the area, we have a local business in the area as well, and I've always wanted to be part of what our future looks like, especially if our kids are walking those streets as well.


"I live in this area, so I'm always in town. I'm always eating local or shopping local, and working local as well."

While local boards are often a training ground for MPs, Mealamu currently has no plans to run for Government.

"My focus is just on local, and making sure we can have a positive effect on where we live, and for our friends and family in that area as well."

Mealamu says his main focus is making Papakura safer and easier to get around.

"I'm just always looking at what it looks like for our friends and family to feel safe growing up in the space, and being able to move around that space as well.

"Looking at our transport, especially our train system, [we need to make sure] it is efficient for people to park and get onto our local transport."

He says he is excited about representing his community, will keep his ears open to the community, and is easily approachable.

"I'm actually in amongst it, and I feel great that I can do that, and it makes me more accountable as well.


"I'm always excited. I know there's always some big challenges ahead, but it's always great to learn some new things.

Mealamu and Catchpole are two of six members of the Papakura Local Board.

George Hawkins - the son of former Papakura mayor and Labour Cabinet minister George Hawkins - came in third place with 4093 votes.

Jan Robinson came fourth with 3615 votes, Sue Smurthwaite came fifth with 3286 votes, and Felicity Auva'a came sixth with 3278 votes.