Ghosts have apparently infiltrated the Department of Internal Affairs, with an online staff forum discussing the "haunting", complete with photographic evidence.

Numerous staff members have described paranormal activity and spectres haunting the DIA government buildings in an internal work forum - the discussion of which has been obtained via an Official Information Act (OIA) request.

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Some may be forgiven for thinking staff had been watching too much Wellington Paranormal - the popular TVNZ 2 comedy show's second season airs this week - as staff describe "strange unexplained occurrences", calling the Ghostbusters, and having the heebie jeebies.


Of particular concern during the July discussion was the "infamous" ghost in the basement of the Wellington Archives.

"As the lift starts to move the number on the floor counter inside the lift flickers and the doors open on lower level 1, no one is there, it is dark, and you either stand there unsure of what to do or mash the close door button before something gets in," a spooked staff member posted.

"The doors close and then you continue to your desired floor."

Another staff member pointed out this was "probably just a malfunctioning lift", but others were not so gullible.

"We need Ghostbusters," say DIA staff as they battle the ghosts in the basement. Ghostbusters Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones, in the 2016 remake. Photo / Supplied

Evidence of a "spectre" on level 13 was also exposed.

"It stared at me just long enough for me to take a quick photo," another staff member posted.

"It is eerily clear, but not for the easily scared. PM me if you would like to see for yourself."

The staff member then posts the photograph to the forum - however, this image was withheld in the official information document.

The DIA confirmed the staff member who posted the alleged spectre photograph is no longer working for the department.

It is unclear whether the spectre had anything to do with this staff member's exit from the DIA, and whether they are alive and well.


"What I want to know is how these entities are getting into DIA buildings without identity cards? What are Security and Property doing about it?" another staff member bemoaned.

When asked what measures it had taken to "examine and/or alleviate a potential paranormal situation", DIA admitted it had done little to crack down on the ghouls.

"There is nothing in place to deal specifically with this issue," it said. "If it arose, we would work through this like any other issue and liaise with the appropriate groups."