Forget white gold, milk is no longer the big earner in the Manawatū it seems.

Instead, the region has been revealed by Lotto as the luckiest area in the whole of New Zealand through 2019.

In 2019 to date, Manawatū locals won $395.42 per capita with an estimated population of 30,7000 this year.

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And it was a win in small rural town Feilding which got the Manawatū over the line, a ticket sold in January winning a Lotto player $10.25 million.

The news was announced this afternoon by Lotto NZ ahead of the massive Powerball jackpot prize of $32m which could be won tomorrow night.

If claimed tomorrow by a single player, it would be the third-largest in Lotto history.

It's good news for North Island residents, bagging several of the top locations this year. Photo / Supplied
It's good news for North Island residents, bagging several of the top locations this year. Photo / Supplied

Meanwhile, a $1m Strike Must Be Won draw would also be running. If Powerball was not won tomorrow, the price would increase yet again ahead of Wednesday's draw.

The jackpot could extend to as much as $50m if it wasn't claimed beforehand - and be on offer around the same time as the Rugby World Cup final.

Auckland's Rodney Ward came in second place in terms of overall luckiest areas, following a $16.5m Powerball prize won in July.

Elsewhere, a $22.2m prize won in Inglewood at the start of the year helped New Plymouth perch itself into third place.

Rounding out the top 10 spots were Carterton, Kawerau, Hastings, Far North, Franklin, Auckland City and Hamilton.


The odds of winning Powerball was an astounding one in 38 million.

You have a higher chance of being born with extra fingers or toes, or nailing a hole-in-one on a par 3 at the golf course.

You're even more likely to be struck by lightning (one in 280,000), eaten by a shark (one in 3,700,000) or killed in a car crash on your way home (one in 11,000).

But don't let the horrible odds get you down because the Herald can reveal Lotto's six most frequently drawn numbers.

In order of frequency, the luckiest numbers are 1, 7, 19, 22, 18 and 13.

This year, 31 Kiwis became overnight millionaires after winning with Lotto's games, including 12 who have won big with Powerball.


And in total, 906 Kiwis had become overnight millionaires with Lotto since it was established way back in 1987.