An 18-year-old has appeared in a Melbourne court accused of fatally stabbing former Hastings teenager Maaka Hakiwai and robbing his brother of a $50 cap.

Joshua Horton appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday for a brief hearing, the Age reported.

He was remanded in custody until his next appearance in February.

Horton, from Sydenham in the city's west, was on Tuesday night charged with murder, armed robbery and intentionally causing serious injury.


His lawyer did not apply for bail. The court was told it was Horton's first time in adult custody.

Maaka Hakiwai, 17, died after the fatal stabbing in Melbourne at Kings Park, 19km northwest of the Melbourne CBD on the afternoon of September 28.

Maaka Hakiwai was fatally stabbed in Melbourne. Photo / Supplied
Maaka Hakiwai was fatally stabbed in Melbourne. Photo / Supplied

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He was farewelled by friends and family in a packed Melbourne church on Friday, October 4.

Maaka's brother, Nate, 18, was also stabbed and was taken to the Alfred Hospital where he underwent multiple blood transfusions and two rounds of surgeries to save his life.

Horton allegedly robbed Nate of a Los Angeles Kings cap, valued at $50, according to court documents.

Nate showed up to say his final goodbyes to his brother at the church service.

At the service, friends and family took to the microphone to pay tribute to Maaka and spoke of love, family and the strong bonds of friendship.

The brothers were inseparable. Nate, left, and Maaka. Photo / Supplied
The brothers were inseparable. Nate, left, and Maaka. Photo / Supplied

They spoke of Maaka's joy for life, his love for his family. They said he ate like a horse and worked like one, too.

In front of the open casket, family and friends honoured Maaka one final time with a traditional haka.

The Hastings family of the teenager are now preparing paperwork required to bring his body home to Hawke's Bay for a tangi.

Maaka was born in Australia and family friend Kahla Ryan, who has known the Hakiwais for 15 years, said Maaka spent time in Hastings as a young boy where his whanau was born and raised.

"He is one of four children. The youngest son to Karli and Stirling with two younger sisters, and Nate, his older brother.

"He spent 12 months in Hastings when he was 4 years old. He also attended Te Aute College in 2017 for a semester."

Ryan started a GoFundMe page to support the Hakiwai family and help them bring Maaka back home to New Zealand. The page has $71,210 to date.