Trade Me users sell all sorts of second-hand goods from a jar of a husband's hopes and dreams to a scary washing machine.

Now, one West Auckland seller is trying to palm off his "haunted" Mac Pro 2008 with a monitor and keyboard.

The lister, "rmbarnes", claims the computer set up is haunted as it has "died" around 50 times — but always seems to come back to life (in slightly worse condition than before).

A TradeMe listing for a
A TradeMe listing for a "haunted" computer has been posted with many TradeMe users interested to be the new owner. Photo / TradeMe

"Congratulations to whoever is willing to take on a $6000 computer set up that I bought as a film student in 2010 for movie editing and immediately regretted," the amusing description begins.


"The whole set up is working right now, the computer makes a rattling sound like a bag of bones being dragged through its insides. If you give it a whack it'll shut up.

"Today when we turned it on for the first time in ages it smelled like a rotting corpse for a while, but we think that was just the dust burning off????? Hard to say."

"Has Office, Final Cut, Garageband etc... sometimes, if it feels like working. If you wanna try and factory reset it go for it, but I tried and it screamed so loudly my windows shattered."

Photos in the listing show a skeleton and doll placed in front of the monitor, adding more examples as to why the owner believes the computer is haunted.

The owner insists that: "The devil doll or the skeletons in the picture just appeared after the computer summoned them from the world of the undead".

Unfortunately, the listing excludes the devil dolls and skeletons.

Many Trade Me users are keen to be the owner of this "haunted" computer with 49 bids placed. The lucky bidder will take ownership on Thursday evening at 7.30 pm.

One Trade Me user asked if "it possible for a buy now? im in love with him?"


The current owner replied: "Him as in the computer, or him as in... Satan?"

Another one joked: If or when the computer is "alive" can I ask it hell questions? I'm often told I'm going to hell I want to know who's down there what ring of hell I'll be living on."

They replied: "The computer says that you'll be in the Burger Ring. It's a room full of Burger Rings you can smell but not eat, for eternity."

Ten years ago, a loud, 25-year-old "scary" washing machine sold for more than $5000 on Trade Me.

The description for the washing machine said that it once shook so violently that the seller saw a porthole to another dimension open above it.