An elderly sex offender has been declined parole for a third time despite having the support of his current wife who "is insistent" there is no risk to her.

Neil Graham Pitceathly is serving a sentence of 18 years' imprisonment after he was found guilty by a jury of more than 200 charges related to sexual offending against his former wife.

They were: 60 of stupefaction, 74 of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, 17 of rape and 61 of possessing intimate visual recordings.

Pitceathly had drugged his former wife, rendering her unconscious, before he sexually abused on several occasions between 1999 to the end of 2003 or start of 2004.


The Parole Board said while the 77-year-old had completed an Adult Sex Offender Treatment programme, the ongoing issue remained the question of risk to his present wife.

"It is clear that she has some reservations about the extent of her husband's guilt. She is insistent that there is no risk to her," the decision reads.

"She has had every opportunity to hear everything about Mr Pitceathly's offending and, clearly, has formed her own conclusions.

"Notwithstanding her views, the Board, however, has to take an independent view on its assessment of the risk to her."

There was some suggestion on Pitceathly's file that his current wife simply does not realise the risks she may be running and there is a real risk, the decision reads.

"That view reflects his victim's view and we need to have regard to that."

The Parole Board ruled his current wife would be at undue risk if Pitceathly was released now.

However, the Parole Board believed it was worth exploring the possibility of guided releases to allow a relationship counselling regime - in which his current wife could "reassess or confirm her present beliefs".


His lawyer was also going to investigate the possibility of alternative accommodation.

The Parole Board will see him again in December this year.