Social media users have wasted no time mocking the abysmal parking attempt of a Hamilton city councillor running late to an official council function.

Siggi Henry was slammed online for parking her campaign car in a mobility car park at Hamilton Gardens on Monday as she was running late to attend, ironically, a council event.

The photo showed just the front half of the west ward councillor's red signwritten car in the park which upset several people who said it was disrespectful towards disabled people.

Henry said she felt really really bad about it.


"I wanted to apologise. I was in an extreme rush. I came from another meeting and I'm very very sorry and I just wanted to apologise to the disabled community and I'm sorry I did that. I shouldn't have done that I know. That's all that I wanted to say," she said.

"I'm German. I hate being late. That's my major problem."

She confirmed she did not have a mobility permit.

While her parking drew the ire of many on the day, the memes have since exploded online.

One shows her car parked in the back of the crowd at a concert of Hamilton rock band Devilskin, while another shows it parked inside one of the council's destination playgrounds.

Fellow councillor Dave Macpherson chimed in with her vehicle parked inside a council meeting, writing "she was late for a council meeting".

And it's not just memes. One person went as far as to write a poem about her ill-fated choice of parking spots.

Henry has often attracted controversy.


She has been criticised by fellow councillors for not disclosing in her electioneering material that she is a long-term anti-vaccination and anti-fluoride campaigner.

She was also in the spotlight for wearing an anti-vax shirt to an autism awareness event and wearing a tinfoil hat to meet then Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne in 2017.