Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her daughter Neve have taken time out to share a video message for the daughter of a woman she sat next to on a domestic flight.

Hannah Mundell posted the video to Twitter, writing: "I missed my flight so they gave my seat to @jacindaardern and Neve who sat with my girlfriends and she did this awesome video for her daughter."

Ardern can be seen holding Neve in the video as they made the special message for the woman's daughter.

"Hey Freya, this is Jacinda and look I've got a special guest here, little Neve saying hi as well," says Ardern.


"Sounds like your mum's been away ... seeing Hugh Jackman. I hope she got you a present."

Ardern signs off with some advice, telling Freya not to get tattoos until she is older because she "might change her mind".

The video was well-received on Twitter, racking up more than 300 likes since it was posted.

Commenters said the video showed Ardern was a "PM of the people" and tweeted that Neve was "very cute" and it was "lovely to see them together".

The circumstances behind the video prompted one user to ask: "Our prime minister was on stand-by?!?"