Dramatic footage has emerged of a police chase and arrest of a man suspected of an earlier incident where police were shot at and a taxi driver injured.

The taxi driver was shot as a man tried to flee police in a stolen car in Rotorua.

Acting Rotorua Area Commander Brendon Keenan said police were following a suspected stolen car when the driver stopped and shot at them at 5.35pm on Sunday.

The bullets hit the patrol car.


A nearby taxi driver was also shot. He is in hospital after walking into the House of Spice restaurant with blood all over him and asking staff for help.

Police on the scene of the incident outside House of Spice in Rotorua. Photo / Stephen Parker
Police on the scene of the incident outside House of Spice in Rotorua. Photo / Stephen Parker

"A member of the public received moderate injuries," said Keenan.

Police say the man threatened another person before taking their car and fleeing again.

"Further down Te Ngae Rd, he then stopped at an address, where he took a second vehicle."

The second car, which was travelling at speeds of up to 140km/hr, was eventually spiked by police but continued for sometime before stopping on State Highway 30 near Okataina Rd.

One witness told the Herald he was outside when he noticed the road was unusually quiet.

He said a white car came down the hill - it was loud as the front tyres were ruined. It braked outside his house then carried on for a few metres before pulling into a nearby home where he drove up the drive.

A large number of police cars followed and a man was arrested.


'Somebody shot him on the road'

Photo / Stephen Parker
Photo / Stephen Parker

Earlier, a worker at House of Spice in Rotorua said a taxi driver, who is a regular customer, came into the store asking for help.

He said he saw "lots of blood" and that the man appeared to have been shot in the shoulder.

"Somebody shot him on the road. His taxi is out front [of the store].

"One of my mates took him to the hospital."

Rotorua Taxi Society chairman George Melrose said he was going to Rotorua Hospital to check on his staff member.

"I only just found out about 45 minutes ago and I'm coming straight to the hospital now."

Melrose said the driver had worked for the company for a long time and had recently bought into the business.

"I'm certainly shocked and really worried for him. It's really is just quite a shock and I hope he's going to be okay."

A photographer at Lynmore Junction, a shopping complex in Rotorua off Te Ngae Rd, said a police officer esd standing next to a taxi to the right of the House of Spice restaurant.