An extension to a site operated by Kahungunu Health Services, which could create accommodation for 40 more people, is being opposed by neighbours.

A hearing is going before Hastings District Council, with Kahungunu Health Services seeking resource consent to turn an incomplete implement shed into a habilitation building at a site on Waitangi Rd in Waimarama.

The 543.5sq m building would be on rural zoned land, meaning it is a non-complying activity. It would also be within 5m of the property boundary, which is not allowed under the district plan.

According to a paper going before the hearings committee, written by council environmental consents planner Liam Wang, the building would be used to extend existing activities, such as camps for school groups, corporate events such as team building, cultural groups/events, te reo Maori classes and the occasional family hui.


If it goes ahead the new building will provide accommodation for up to 40 people, and provide space for indoor activities for the educational, cultural and community activities to take place in times of bad weather.

Currently 44 people can be accommodated on the site.

According to the paper, the need for additional space has been requested by visiting groups.

A neighbouring property has opposed the application.

The paper states the objection is over a range of concerns, including visual worries, privacy effects, noise and traffic.

The submission also stated concerns around the private road not meeting minimum standards.

The recommendation in the paper is for the consent to be granted, subject to conditions.

During his assessment, Wang found the visual, privacy and noise effects were likely to be less than minor.


He said the only significant difference between the external design of the shed compared with the new building was windows and a first floor deck.

He said tools could be used, including opaque glazing on windows, trees and hedges, to mitigate the effects for the neighbouring property.

The hearing will be heard on Friday, September 13, at Hastings District Council.