Thieves allegedly stole the music equipment of a beloved Wellington busker.

The incident reportedly took place in Courtenay Place on Saturday night.

The Wellington community has taken to social media to express shock that someone would take the busker's livelihood.

"Sitting here and seeing that one of Courtenay Place's most loved musicians has been robbed of his amp, guitar and microphone is heartbreaking," a post on Facebook read.


"He said someone ran off with it tonight. It's hard to believe after all the years he has been here singing to the public that someone would heartlessly take the one thing he enjoyed doing.

"If you saw anything please let him or police know and if the heartless person is reading this, bring his belongings back."

Colin, the busker, wrote a note explaining that this is not the first time his gear has been stolen.

Wellingtonians are outraged that anyone would do this.

"That's honestly heartbreaking. I hope that those disgusting bastards get what's coming to them," one person commented.

"OMG I remember this sweetheart. He sang 'Twinkle Twinkle' for me one time," another person said.

"Colin is the man, he doesn't deserve this," someone else replied.

"OMG I'm nearly in tears. What a beautiful man with a heart of gold, and what disgusting behaviour from a few members of the public," another person said.


A Givealittle page has been set up to fundraise for new busking equipment for Colin.

Police say they have not received any reports of the incident.