A man who fled a police car on his mobility scooter has been given safety advice by authorities.

In a statement from police, a spokeswoman said an officer visited the man's house today and provided him with a written guide to using a mobility scooter safely.

"Ultimately, the safe use of the mobility scooter by the rider was the aim of the officer and his attempts to stop the rider and his subsequent conversation with him,'' police said.

The statement comes after a bizarre pursuit was captured on video showing a police car chasing a man on a mobility scooter.


The incident was filmed about 5pm yesterday. The scooter is seen weaving in and out of traffic in Timaru in a very low-speed chase by a police car with flashing lights.

At one point, as he manoeuvres past a man walking his dog, he gives the man a quick wave before gunning it down the road again.

The clip, shot by Timaru mum Aleisha Candy, shows the man's determined escape bid.

"He's going for it!", says Candy, who was with her son in the car and provides a compelling commentary as the man continues his escape attempt.

"What is the old man up to?" she says, laughing as he makes his way up the footpath and weaves between cars on the road.

The video ends with the chasing police officer forcing the scooter down a driveway. An officer can be seen getting out of his car to continue the pursuit on foot.

Candy told the Herald that: "You see all sorts in Timaru, but I've never seen this sort of thing."

"[He] looked like he was having a great time.''


Commenters were quick to see the funny side of the chase, with one man writing on Facebook: "Bet he gave the [coppers] an earful when they caught up with him. Send it, Grandad."

"He's going to get in so much trouble," Candy said.

Another said the chase was: "Timaz hard. Another local wrote: "I hope Pop hasn't escaped."

Police earlier told the Herald that they are aware of the incident and that no arrest was made.

"Police are conducting inquiries to establish the circumstances and will provide further updates when we are in a position to do so."

Following enquiries from the Herald, Debbie McMaster, manager of nearby Strathallan Retirement Village, said she had seen the video but was "not getting into a witches hunt" and had "no information about it whatsoever".

Under traffic law, mobility devices are vehicles designed and constructed for people needing help with mobility because of physical or neurological impairment, that are powered solely by a motor of up to 1500 watts.

Users do not need a driver's licence and can ride on the road, but must keep as close as possible to the edge of the roadway when doing so.

They must also ride carefully and be considerate of others and must not ride at speeds that put other footpath users at risk.