A car submerged in the sea at Peka Peka Beach has been recovered.

Someone drove the stolen white 2001 Subaru Legacy into the sea in early July.

Greater Wellington Regional Council tried to recover the car a few times without success before handing the situation to an insurance company.

A State Insurance spokesman said Underwater Solutions and Highway Vehicle Recovery took part in the recovery process on Monday when sea conditions were favourable.


"My understanding is that the tow out of the surf took about five hours.

"It was notable because of the distance into the water that the car had been driven."

At high tide the car was about 150m to 200m from the waterline.

Final work to remove the car. Photo / Underwater Solutions
Final work to remove the car. Photo / Underwater Solutions

"The initial tow truck had to be replaced by a second more powerful vehicle just because of how far out the car was.

"And also because of the amount of time it had been in the water.

"It had been surrounded by some significant driftwood and things, which made the salvage more difficult."

Strops were placed around the pillars of the car, between the front and rear doors, and 150m of heavy line was used.

"The car rolled over during the latter part of the salvage but it was pretty much intact with windscreen and rear window still intact."