A drunk man pulled down a pride flag and others hurled abuse at performers during a queer event at a Dunedin student bar on Saturday night.

The Otago University Students Association (OUSA) said the behaviour of the man who removed the rainbow flag during the event at Starters Bar did not appear to be homophobic, but acknowledged ''a few poorly behaved individuals'' had ruined the experience for some.

It is understood 20 to 30 men, some drunk and belligerent, spilled into the Queen of Hearts event at the OUSA-owned bar.

A source said some of the men hurled abuse at performers, and one man pulled down and tried to steal a rainbow pride flag.


''The footage of the evening has been reviewed and it is clear that the attendee who pulled down the flag did not do so in an aggressive or malicious manner,'' OUSA events manager Jason Schroeder said in a statement.

Security removed the man who pulled down the flag.

Queer support co-ordinator Kelli Anne said in a statement the person who pulled the flag down was clearly intoxicated but his behaviour did not appear to be driven by homophobia.