A photo of an intersection in South Auckland which shows a confusing road layout has left many scratching their heads.

The photo, shared by Auckland truck driver Mark Noel McLean, shows the intersection of Savill Drive and James Fletcher Drive in Favona.

A pedestrian island is seen jutting out into the left turning lane, leaving many wondering how the turn could safely be completed.

McLean told the Herald he first noticed the layout last week and had driven through the intersection every day since, witnessing the chaos as drivers tried to negotiate the tricky turn.

Drivers in the left hand lane are forced to make a late change. Photo / Mark Noel McLean
Drivers in the left hand lane are forced to make a late change. Photo / Mark Noel McLean

"It gets shockingly busy, that road," Mclean said, adding that he'd seen "a couple of nicks and a couple of arguments" as drivers tried to move back into the right-hand lane after finding their way blocked.

McLean went on to say the corner posed a particular problem for truck drivers, who found themselves having to swing out into oncoming traffic to get around the corner.

Online commenters had a field day with the photo, with many quick to blame Auckland Transport.

Variously described as a "balls up" and a "Frank Spencer job", the photo even drew comments from Kiwis in other cities who noted that Auckland was not alone in seeing similarly confusing corners.

Some found humour in the error, with one man saying that drivers would have to "do a Dukes of Hazzard and go around the corner on two wheels".

Others noted that it may have been a deliberate choice to prevent trucks cutting the corner while construction work was completed nearby.

Responding to questions from the Herald, an Auckland Transport spokesman said that it appeared that "the traffic island may have gone in before the lane markings were updated".

He went on to say: "The work there isn't finished. This project aims to reduce congestion for westbound traffic during the afternoon peak."