A Kiwi man and an accomplice have been jailed after kicking a man to death in an alcohol-fuelled attack in Western Australia.

Australian man Nathan Haynes died after he was punched to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head outside a hotel by Kiwi Saimone Kala and Tongan Oueni Pomana in August 2016.

The court heard there had been an altercation at the hotel on the night, but that Haynes did not pose a threat to the two men, ABC reported.

Pomana was drunk when he dropped a glass and started drinking another person's beer before making disparaging comments about women who were with Haynes at the time.


One of Haynes' friends was knocked to the ground, but as Haynes went to go to his aid, Kala knocked Haynes to the ground, kicking him in the head twice.

Pomana then kicked Haynes twice to the head "with great force", swinging his leg "like soccer kicks".

The judge says the victim had been attacked in a "cowardly and brutal manner when he was down and defenceless".

Kala and Pomana were found guilty of manslaughter earlier this year and have today been sentenced, with Pomana receiving nine years in prison and Kala seven years.

"Both of you unlawfully Killed Mr Haynes. You cut short the life of a good man," Justice Bruno Fiannaca told the two guilty men in court.

Kala, who was born in New Zealand, had worked for the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation and had a young son.

Pomana will likely be deported following his release.

Both men will be eligible for parole.