New Zealand's Yolk Ferns have been crowned world champions at egg throwing.

Ben McColgan, 21, of Tauranga and Lachie Davidson, 21, of Ashburton took the title in the 2019 World Egg Throwing Championships in London overnight.

Both are students at Massey University in Palmerston North.

McColgan said he and Davidson had to throw the egg to each other without it breaking - and reached 60 metres to take the title.


McColgan, as a small and agile cricketer, was the catcher for the team while Davidson, with long and lanky arms, was the thrower.

The sport involved minimal equipment, with Davidson saying their training schedule involved heading down to a local park three times a week with a tray of eggs in hand.

The journey to becoming world champions in egg-throwing began when the two headed to the New Zealand Rural Games in Palmerston North in March. But what started out as a look around, turned into a last-minute entry in the annual Egg Throw and Catch competition.

McColgan and Davidson placed in the first competition and automatically qualified for the nationals. The duo scrambled for a spot on the podium and managed to finish second in the national competition, both leaving with travel vouchers.

It wasn't until a month later, when the competition winners pulled out of the international competition, that McColgan and Davidson were asked to fill their spot and represent New Zealand.

McColgan had said previously it was "just unbelievable" and definitely "the highlight of their international sporting careers".

He said the pair were keen to give the world championships "a good crack".

The men's families created uniforms and jerseys specifically for the event. Their team name? The NZ Yolk Ferns.