Tauranga City Council is considering putting a busy bus interchange in Farm St, near the Bayfair mall in Arataki. The proposal has stirred up discontent among residents of Farm St and the surrounding areas about the impact on traffic volumes.

One resident has mounted a long-running protest against the plan, publicly accusing council staff of lying - an allegation the council strongly refutes. This week the clash stepped up a notch after a phone exchange prompted the man to go to the police and the council to launch an independent investigation.

Tauranga City Council is opening an independent investigation into a claim its chief executive Marty Grenfell made "threatening" comments in a phone call to a community member.

Mayor Greg Brownless has agreed to launch an investigation into complaints Farm Street Association chairman Jon Jenner has made against Grenfell and four other council staff members.

Jenner said Grenfell called him on Tuesday night after he gave a presentation at a council meeting about his opposition to the Farm St bus interchange proposal.

Jenner claimed Grenfell shouted and swore, was "intimidating and threatening" and told him, "you have made the bear come