Alterations to an Okura house have earned a designer a place in the 2019 regional architectural awards.

Mark Callander of Creative Arch was commended for his "adept form-making" in the residential alterations and additions category of the Auckland/Northland Resene Architectural design awards run by Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ).

The judges said a circular addition linked to the Okura property near Long Bay created a "dynamically asymmetrical composition from the original boomerang-shaped plan."

The awards were made to Northland and Auckland designers for their work across a range of categories including commercial, residential, alterations, interiors and multi-use designs.


Gregory Watts of ADNZ said the winners stood out for their ability to deliver personal moments to their clients in their designs.

"The needs and desires of the homeowner are of great importance and should always be front of mind for every designer."

Simon Mandeno from Mandeno Design Ltd, who won in the new home category from 150m2 to 300m2, was commended for his "fun, playful and highly crafted" countryside design, built on a former avocado orchard.

Watts called it "the result of a designer working hard to create a space that embodies the vision of the homeowner, star drenched luxury, outdoor shower and all."

Regional ADNZ ceremonies are taking place across New Zealand. The national and supreme award ceremony is in Queenstown on 18 October.